Khamis, 12 November 2015

My 1st Holiday...Out Of Malaysia

# Day 1

Ok guys...just a little story for my 1st trip to krabi. My 1st journey to the train at 9.30am but unfortunately our train delayed for 2 hours from Arau to Hatyai. When the train arrived at the station a large field test again in our journey delayed by 1 hour. Here we meet a man he also happens to be to the same destination. I salute this guy because travel alone. So ... introductory session begun ...

We stopped for lunch at the food court of the land for $ 17 ... at 2pm we arrived at hatyai ... if Malaysia at 1pm. we start looking for travel agencies for onward travel. for the 1st time ... I remember 500baht from hatyai to Krabi relatively inexpensive la ... apparently the van to get there can be 350baht ... first experience. Van Hatyai move at 4pm and we arrived in Krabi at 9pm ... a rather tiring journey. Me nand my friend check in at Nong Eed Resort for 550baht per nite...quite cheaper compared to Malaysia rate.

Hatyai Railway Station

After check in and having our shower...suddenly our stomach feeling hunger... our last meal at 12pm on a Padang Besar. So here we go....JJCM

After having our dinner then we started start our journey down the bazaar around Ao Nang. For tonight ... we just walk and window shopping only. The body was already exhausted, so back to the hotel and sleep. Tomorrow we travel to the islands...

Good Night All ... See you tomorrow for the next story ....

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