Rabu, 28 September 2011

Falling in Love

Once in a lifetime
An angel sweeps you off your feet
And everything I’m about
Dissapears before my eyes

You’re taking me higher when I hear you speak to me
It feels so familiar but I’m caught up in this fantasy


Now I can’t seem to find myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling I’m falling and I can’t stop falling
I’m falling in love with you

When I look into your eyes
I see your love that comforts me
Even now when I go to sleep
I wait to see you in my dreams

You’re taking me higher when I hear you say my name
I’m trying to tell you that I never want to let you go

Repeat Chorus
Over and over again
It plays out in my mind
I can see it clearly
You give me something new to believe in
Come take me away

best jugak lagu ct nie..
layan jugak..
lagi2 kepada owg yg baru falling in love..
yeah semoga berjaya dalam percintaan yea...

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